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Japanese Restaurant Support
Japanese Restaurant Support

Japanese Food Is Gaining Popularity among Diners Worldwide

Japanese cuisine was added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list in 2014. Now more people around the world enjoy Japanese food.
Japanese food is also a great choice for its extensive range of low-calorie healthy eating options.

Mannet’s Japanese Restaurant Support Services

Mannet provides the following support services for Japanese restaurants

Improving the performance and service quality of existing restaurants

Renewing an existing restaurant to Japanese restaurant,

Opening a new Japanese restaurant

Adding Japanese food menu to the current restaurant service

Adding Japanese food section to an existing restaurant

Dispatching a Japanese Cooking Instructor

This service is provided to businesses running Japanese restaurants or other types of restaurants.If you want to improve the service quality and performance of your restaurant business by:

Adding new Japanese food menu.

Reviewing the current Japanese food menu and adding new items.

The instructor will provide practical and hands-on training on the basics of preparing Japanese food as follows:

Practical training on creating recipe, cooking procedures, handling ingredients, blending seasonings, cooking time and heat level.

Choosing the right plateware, dish-up and serving food are essential for satisfied dining experiences. The instructor provide you with overall knowledge including manners to enjoy Japanese food.

Upon your request, Mannet sends you a instructor of specialty Japanese food, sushi, tempura, teppanyaki and even Japanese dessert.

An experienced Japanese food instructor offers on-site training for the period of 10 days to 6 months.

Fee indication:US$ 6,600 and up, per month, per instructor

Recruiting Service of Japanese Chefs

Mannet can offer you our recruiting service of highly-skilled and experienced Japanese Chefs.

Chef for existing Japanese restaurant

Chef who takes responsibility for newly added Japanese food menu at a general restaurant

Chef in charge of entire kitchen of a start-up Japanese restaurant

Chef who can take care of training for junior cooking staff

Mannet can introduce you a chef to your exact business needs, whether specialist or general Japanese food chef.

Annual salary US$ 36,000 and up, depending your requirement for skills and the scope of work.
Fee Indication: 30% of the chef’s annual salary, US$ 10,800 and up,

Consulting Service for Japanese Restaurant Startup and Renovation

Mannet offers consulting service for business planning to open a new Japanese restaurant. Mannet makes a survey on location, what type of Japanese restaurant fits to potential customers in the area and provides management assistance and advice on before and after opening operation..

Creating Operating Plan

Feasibility study of the location, and survey on the local availability of ingredients specific to Japanese food..

Designing the right layout plan for the location.

Creating menu based on the business model.

Projecting income and expenditure.

Estimating building costs

Making advice on operation and management Pre-opening Preparation

Pre-opening Preparation

Making architectural design and dispatching a supervisor from Japan.

Supervising building works.

Purchasing and shipping materials unavailable from local sources.

Dispatching key operational staff including chefs.

Training local staff.

Collecting and shipping foodstuffs and condiments.

Providing support and assistance for after-opening operation.

Fee Indication:
On-site Consulting: Dispatching 3 staffs in charge of cooking, construction and supervisor, for about 1 week.
US$ 9,800 and up (Not including transportation and accommodation)

Consulting: Service based on the information furnished by a client.
Making layout plan, building cost estimation, basic menu, income and expenditure projection and overall advice on the operation.
US$7,000 and up

Introducing Japanese Restaurant Operators

Mannet introduces restaurant operators who are interested in managing Japanese restaurants outside Japan. Generally, two types of contract are available.

The operator acts as your tenant. In this case, the location is rented to the operator who is responsible for all the costs to open and run the restaurant.

The operator is responsible for operation and management of the existing restaurant. You will receive the earnings, and in return pay the agreed-on management fee to the operator.

Out of 6,000 operators on our list, Mannet will introduce most suitable management companies to your requirement.
Fee Indication:Equivalent to 3-month restaurant sales, minimum fee US$18,500.

For more information please contact us.

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Japanese Restaurant Support

Clients Testimonials:

Chef Recruiting Service: Manager, Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Previously there have always been Japanese restaurants, but they haven’t necessarily been so popular. The problem has always been these establishments do not serve authentic Japanese cooking. I decided to use Mannet’s recruiting service after sampling Japanese food in Japan for the first time. I was extremely shocked at the difference. Mannet really took time to listen to my situation and although it took some time, finally I was able to open a Japanese restaurant with hired Japanese staff. At first, our guests were mainly Japanese businessman and from then our reputation steadily began to grow. We are now planning on opening our second branch and we now have two Japanese chefs currently working with us.

Dispatching Cooking Instructor: Hotel owner in Brisbane, Australia

Each time one of our chefs would finish working here, the taste of the food we serve would also change slightly, which the customers would also notice. Then I found out about the existence of Japanese cooking instructors in the Internet. I decided to consult Mannet and found it was the first time someone had really listened to my situation. A Japanese chef was dispatched from Japan and taught us Japanese food recipes, the order of food preparation as well as how to cook Japanese dishes. I had never seen someone make food with such enthusiasm before. Initially the chef was dispatched on a three month contract but we extended it by an extra two months because of the great results. Thanks to their assistance, our restaurant has grown tremendously in popularity and we have seen a surge of interest from applicants interested in becoming Japanese food chefs. Next time an instructor will be outsourced for a period of five months but as we’ve seen such a significant sales increase, I would like to consult an expert in lodging to expand this area of my business too.

Consulting Service – Restaurant Renovation: General Manager, Hotel in Casablanca

Previously I used to manage just a café lounge, but my business concept changed after visiting a charming Japanese sweet shop in Kyoto which served Japanese sweets and green tea. It was a wonderful place to relax and I was struck by the outstanding customer service. It was then that I decided to get in touch with Mannet. They provided me with a range of business concepts and based on one of them I refurbished a section of my café into a section for Japanese sweets and tea. My café begun to grow in popularity and soon I had all sorts of visitors stopping by, not only guests staying at the hotel. The financial results are remarkable and my sales have doubled since I introduced the new section to my café lounge.

Consulting Service – Restaurant Startup: Developer, Australia

I first had the chance to sample delicious Japanese soba noodles 10 years ago. Currently I am in charge of a new shopping center development project and as I thought a Japanese soba noodle restaurant would make a fantastic addition to the center, I contacted Mannet who put me in contact with a business interested in expanding abroad. The terms were agreed and a contract was quickly made. In my opinion, having a Japanese food dining option in a shopping center is absolutely essential.

For more information please contact us.

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