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No-hire No-fee. Result-based Recruiting Service

Utilizing a recruiting agency is gradually becoming the preferred method for businesses to fill their HR requirements. A recruiting service can save your business both time and money and eliminates the hassle of sorting through resumes and setting up interviews. Mannet has been in the recruiting business for over 30 years, and we provide a comprehensive system to help you find the necessary personnel at the least risk to your company..

Our Huge Network

We have developed a vast network of potential recruits and partner companies over our 30 years in the business, allowing us to offer a fast and efficient recruitment service.

Access to the Benefits of Our Recruiting Tools

Partnering with Mannet gives your business access to Japan-only recruiting tools, such as websites and paper recruitment media, that would otherwise be unavailable without incorporation in Japan. What’s more, we’ll use our proprietary job ad service to find excellent employees on your behalf.

We Conduct Screening Process for You

Mannet’s recruiting team will vet candidates through document screenings and initial interviews, saving you time and reducing the cost of finding personnel.

No-hire No-fee. Success-based Fee Structure

The fee for our recruitment service is contingent upon success. There is no initial cost, and no charges are incurred until the selected candidate is successfully hired and joins your organization.

Large and Varied-candidate Database

Candidates from all manner of backgrounds are registered with our job placement service. Mannet can link you with candidates in sales, distribution, sales promotion, office/clerical, technical, and many other fields.

Service Fee Schedule

In most cases, Mannet asks for a recruiter’s fee of 30% of the employee’s predicted annual salary (payable only upon successful hire.)

Percentage fees may vary based on age, career stage, and experience and skill set of candidates.

Recruiting Service Workflow

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Case Studies:
See How Mannet Helped Foreign Companies Succeed in Japan

Food Manufacturer, UK

A food manufacturer headquartered in the UK was looking for a way to strengthen its operations in Japan, but had no potential sales candidates and was unfamiliar with standard practices in Japan.
Mannet introduced a sales veteran with over 30 years of experience as a manager, who went on to introduce many solid new ideas for the company’s success in Japan, which led to an increase in new customers and great business results.

Travel Business, Australia

An Australian travel industry business had recently expanded operations in Japan, but had difficulty navigating complicated Japanese contracts.
Mannet recruited and placed a skilled employee, with over 3 years of U.S. study abroad experience, as well as experience in contract management and clerical issues, at the company to manage contracts. The company reported increased efficiency and was able to take twice the number of contracts, while complying fully with Japanese law.

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