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Outsourcing Service – Highly Cost Effective

Mannet is a leader in outsourcing operations in Japan. Through our outsourcing program, Mannet will undertake the management of specific areas of your business, allowing you to keep overhead costs lower and streamline your operations.

High Cost Effectiveness

Based on an initial free consultation, we'll propose the best approach for your project, ensuring a stress free and cost-effective solution. You can entrust your project entirely to us, without having to worry about the fine details, and cutting out manpower costs on your side.

Streamlined Operations and Reduced Risk

Mannet will manage and take complete responsibility for your projects. We’ll employ the most competent staff possible for each project to ensure success in any type of operation, even in fields unfamiliar to your business.

Concentrate on Your Core Business

Mannet’s experienced support team has a deep knowledge of the Japanese market, and of Japan’s complex business customs and marketing practices. Through our comprehensive outsourcing service, we’ll take care of these things for you so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Mannet Outsourcing Covers a Wide Range of Business Fields

Interpreting / translation

Events and sales promotions

Market research

Telemarketing / Customer service

Construction / Renovation work

Manufacturing / Product inspection

Catering and Restaurant business

* The fee varies by case. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate.

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Case Studies:
See How Mannet Helped Foreign Companies Succeed in Japan

Charity Concert Event, UK

A British company was planning a seven-country international charity concert event but did not have a legal entity to represent it in Japan.
Mannet helped the client by outsourcing promotional work to a Japanese PR company and recruiting event staff for the concert. Since Mannet represented the company in Japan, it was not necessary for them to establish a legal entity.

Retail Goods Manufacturer, USA

An American retail goods manufacturer needed to set up a 24-hour customer service call center in Japan, where their product was enjoying brisk sales. However, the company lacked resources and was unfamiliar with Japanese laws for employing workers in Japan.
Mannet set up and managed the call center on their behalf. The client was pleased with the state-of-the-art facilities and capable staff that Mannet provided.

Auto Parts Manufacturer, China

An automotive industry company from China was sending a representative to meet face- to-face with Japanese partners, but officials from the company worried about miscommunication, as neither party were native English speakers, nor could they understand one-another’s native language.
Mannet provided a skilled interpreter, perfectly bilingual in both Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, to facilitate talks and ensure that the meeting went smoothly. The client declared the trip a huge success.

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